About Us

People were curious, so we provide the most frequent questions and answers right here:

When did you start your cosmetics brand Noili?

Noili: The idea to make cosmetics perfectly suited to our needs came three years ago. We realized, that we couldn’t find anything satisfactory and felt a little desperate. We experienced some skin issues that we wanted to target and also had very high expectation regarding efficiency, safety, cleanness and non-irritability. To find such trustworthy cosmetics was very hard. So there was actually a period of disillusionment with the cosmetics market in the beginning. We could not get what we desired, so we decided to perfect skincare for our needs alone.

Tell us more about the process.

Noili: We started to gather a diversity of information, educating ourselves and experimenting. We consulted continuously on a number of issues with pharmacologists, chemists and cosmetologists, who helped us in the process enormously and we were both very lucky and thankful. It took us couple of months to be clear about what exactly we wanted, what we needed and what we didn`t. Than we created the first samples and started testing. The process of fine tuning each of our products and testing them was quite long, but very satisfying and creative. We might even say, that we literally fell in love with certain ingredients – one of them is actually in our logo. During this process of creating and testing we gave the samples to our close friends and relatives. All the testers were excited about the products and kept asking for more samples. This was the point where we decided to create a brand and introduce it to market.

What is special about Noili cosmetics?

Noili: Our slogan is quite clear. Fresh. Clean. Simple. We use fresh ingredients; our first priority is high quality and safety. We avoid using irritating, or risky substances. Our products are minimalist – the number of ingredients is low, which is good for the skin in our opinion. We have five highly efficient products full of valuable ingredients. They target the most common issues – wrinkles, dehydration, oily acne prone skin, loss of elasticity. All of this is achieved without harmful chemicals, with high regard for environment and no testing on animals.

Who is your cosmetics for?

Noili: For everyone, all skin types, women and men. For young skin, for aging skin and also for problematic aging skin, because our anti-aging serum has anti-inflammatory properties. We had very good reviews from people with sensitive skin. That makes us very happy, because those people usually have troubles finding the right cosmetics.

What is unique about Noili?

Noili: Noili brings people joy. Cosmetics is far from the most important issue in the world, but it is very nice to use good quality products that you can trust. The body needs a fresh and balanced diet, one that is simple and nutritious. Skin has the same needs.