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About Us

About Us

We are a Slovak cosmetic brand, manufacturer of smaller batches. The more we appreciate every reaction and any feedback from our customers. Any positive experience with Noili oils or serums and sharing it, is what helps us grow.

How did I come up with the idea to “do cosmetics”?

Well, cosmetic products have always been a day-to-day part of my personal selfcare. I´ve always loved cosmetics. And let’s be honest; the idea came up naturally with my age, as I started to notice the first signs of aging. I found it enjoyable to look for substances that were really effective and could help slow down the irreversible process. Noili has literally grown from a personal desire for something simple and effective.

The market is full of opportunities, overload of selection and sometimes it can be difficult to navigate thorough. So what makes Noili different?

I truly believe that Noili oils provide simple and absolutely perfect skin care. They are designed to give the skin everything it needs and only what it needs. The ingredients we use literally enchanted me with their qualities; they are always fresh, and the composition is formulated to ensure similarity to the natural composition of sebum. We do not use popular essential oils, which may actually act as allergens and damage the skin in combination with sunlight. We don’t even use any perfumes. Noili doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. We offer clean and simple care for all skin types. Use it over a reasonable period of time and it’s guaranteed to deliver the promised effect.

What do you think the world expects from cosmetics?

What do you think the world expects from cosmetics?

MUDr. Zuzana Gyárfášová, founder Noili

Well, that’s an interesting question. I think that in the world of skin care we need the same as in everything else: modesty, simplicity, minimalism and trust in the manufacturer. Unexpectedly, if we apply a lot of substances from an inexhaustible number of products on our skin - which the world of cosmetics seems to be compelling us to do - it may even lead to harmful effects. In fact, our skin actually needs much less. Here at Noili, we have only a few products, a range of nourishing beauty oils for different skin types, and two anti-aging serums with active agents and excellent composition, even with their smaller number of ingredients. Noili is the beauty of less in all aspects.

Our philosophy

Noili is a simple skincare based on the power of natural plant extracts and the medical science expertise for healthier, and more youthful condition of all skin types.


Nowadays, an average cosmetic routine consists of about nine cosmetic products or steps. Imagine the number of ingredients your skin is exposed to every day. On the contrary, this may result in irritation and increased sensitivity. In fact, the skin needs less to be healthy and requires relatively simple care. Noili beauty oils and serums provide everything your skin needs and only what it really needs.


We focus on the production of smaller batches. Our goal is to produce a smaller amount of always fresh and highly effective beauty oils. In order to extend the shelf life of highly delicate plant oils, the most commonly applied method is refining. However, refining changes their condition by depleting the oils of precious vitamins, antioxidants, and phospholipids - and these are all substances extremely important in skin care. Our oils are unrefined. This guarantees that they remain full of nutrients delivering maximum synergy.


We do not use potentially irritating substances, synthetic perfumes, preservatives and dyes and unstable vitamins.